Grass Seeding Fertilising & Slashing

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 Voight Contracting undertakes Grass Seeding & Fertilising (mechanical seed drill) predominantly for Bulk Earthworks and Civil Companies, where various types of Grass & Fertilisers are applied per site specifications. We can also provide recommendations on blends giving consideration to site and soil conditions to ensure maximum coverage and success rates.

Our seed drills have accurate meters to control the delivery of seed, calibrated by the operator to your specifications.

Grass seeding and fertilising utilising mechanical seed drills is more cost-effective, compared to other seeding methods, and offers optimal success in all conditions.

Mechanical Drill seeding (grass seeding and fertilising) is performed by using a specialised tractor attachment called a seed drill, which opens a furrow in the soil’s surface, places seed at the required depth, then covers the seed. The rate of application as well as the depth are variable and can be adjusted to suit your site’s requirements.

Often providing soil preparation with the amelioration of other materials such as ag lime, gypsum and/or fertilisers, Voight Contracting provide a single-point solution for your site, as we can provide soil conditioning materials (such as lime, bentonite, gypsum, dolomite) in bulk quantities, spread and incorporate these materials into the soil’s surface, then grass seed and fertilise the soil so that all works are covered from start to finish.

Grass Slashing and Stick & Stone Raking

Voight Contracting have modern equipment to provide Grass Slashing Services, along with Stick and Stone Raking to Commercial, Bulk Earthworks and Civil Sites.

The ideal implement for raking up sticks, stones and small rocks (and similar debris), a stick and stone raker can prepare your sites for production.  Allowing dirt to flow through the attachments, stick raking helps you to remove debris, ready for disc-ploughing to turn the soil over, dig up suckers/roots (or, after disc-ploughing to remove the suckers and roots brought to the soil’s upper layer) and prepare the soil for stabilisation, incorporation of materials, grass seeding and fertilising

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