Acid Sulphate Soils, Grass Seeding and Fertilising, Bulk Haulage


Acid Sulphate Soils & Other Soil Treatments

How we can assist? Voight Contracting can supply and deliver bulk agricultural lime, Gypsum, Dolomite, Bentonite and other products to address your Soil Treatment and amelioration issues. We also have equipment and staff to spread, incorporate (mix) and drying of materials. Read More


Bulk Haulage Transport

How we can assist? Voight Contracting has a well maintained and modern fleet of trucks & equipment. The fleet can be managed efficiently and effectively, along with providing clients with accurate information regarding the location of their materials/goods. Read More  WAMBO-SEEDING

Grass Seeding and Fertilising

How we can assist? Voight Contracting / Country Roads Ag-Hire undertakes mechanical Grass Seeding & Fertilising predominantly for Civil and Landscaping firms, where various types of Grass & Fertilisers are applied per site specifications. Read More